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Dec 04 2017

We welcome new patients from our local area and surrounding suburbs only; please print and fill out the attached enrolment forms and drop them back to us along with any residence information needed. Click on the links for the Enrolment Package and for Compass Health's Health Privacy Statement.

Closing early

Sep 13 2017
We will be closing at 5.30pm this Friday the 15th Sept as we are migrating our server to the cloud.

Hepatitis C treatment is now available in NZ

Aug 17 2017

Many mostly middle -aged people may not know they are carriers of Hepatitis C.
If you read the following information, and think you should be tested , please see your GP, who will arrange testing, in confidence.

Who should be tested for HCV infection?

Injectable drug use is the most common risk factor for HCV infection (based on people diagnosed during acute infection).
The risk of sexual transmission of HCV is low and occurs mainly in people who are infected with HIV.
It is recommended that all patients with risk factors for chronic HCV infection undergo testing.
This includes people who:

  • Have used injectable drugs
  • Received a blood transfusion or organ transplant in New Zealand, or another developed country, prior to July, 1992*
  • Have migrated from or received a medical or dental intervention in a region with high HCV prevalence. This includes Eastern Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, Western and Central Sub-Saharan Africa, Central Asia and the Indian subcontinent.
  • Have spent time in prison, which can be associated with injectable drug use and unsafe tattooing practices
  • Have a tattoo, body piercing or alteration, e.g. scarification, which was performed in an unsafe environment, e.g. in prison or in a country with a high prevalence of HCV (see above)
    Have a history of acute hepatitis, jaundice or persistently elevated ALT level
  • Were born to an HCV infected mother; mother to infant transmission occurs in approximately 5% of cases

Patient Experience Survey: 7th to 11th August

Aug 04 2017

During the week of 7th to 11th August, our practice is participating in a national survey to find out what your experience with health care is like and how your overall care is managed.

Taking part is voluntary. You can choose to say no.

If you take part, your responses will be anonymous and your privacy protected throughout. We will share your contact details, including email address and mobile number, only so that you may receive an invitation to complete the survey online.

By taking part in the survey, you would be helping to improve care and access to health services in local communities across

New Zealand. www.hqsc.govt.nz


What do I need to do to participate?

Have a consultation with either the doctor or nurse during the survey dates. Confirm or provide your individual email address and/or mobile phone number with reception staff.

Do I have to take part?

No. We would really appreciate your feedback but you can ignore the email or SMS you might receive.

Who can see my feedback?

Any feedback you provide is anonymous. There is the option to provide your contact details at the end of the survey if you need someone from your Practice to contact you, but this is completely up to you.

How long will it take?

The time it takes to complete the survey depends on your answers. Generally it takes 5-15 minutes, but may take a little longer if you have a lot you’d like to say.

Can I fill it out while I wait for my appointment?

No, we are not offering paper or tablet options currently.

If some of the questions don’t apply to me do I just skip them?

Yes and the survey will skip you past questions depending on previous answers.

Does it save if I get interrupted?

Yes. Every time you click ‘next’ your response is saved. Clicking on your survey link (or re-entering your SMS code) will take you back to where you were up to.

Is it multi-choice or do I write all the answers?

Mostly multi-choice but there are several places where you can explain things in your own words.

Do I have to do it online? I don’t have internet access / email address / I would do it on paper if you gave it to me now...

No internet access: is there anywhere locally that you access free Wi-Fi or internet e.g. Practice or library?

No email address: we can text message you a code which you enter at www.myexperience.health.nz

We’re trying to move away from paper based surveys so that we can collate your feedback faster.

Will my contact details be misused?

No. There are strict privacy rules and protocols around the survey and use of patient information.



Apr 18 2017
We welcome new patients from our local area and surrounding suburbs only; please print and fill out the attached enrolment forms and drop them back to us along with any residence information needed. Click on the links for the Enrolment Package and for Compass Health's Health Privacy Statement.

Flu vaccine season has arrived

Apr 18 2017
We have this year’s influenza vaccine in stock and invite those who wish to have a vaccine to book an appointment with the nurses. This is an inactivated vaccine and therefore cannot infect you with the flu (it encourages the body to make antibodies against the flu strains that we expect to arrive this winter). It is free until the 31st December 2017 for pregnant women; all over 65 years and for those of all ages who have chronic conditions, such as asthma, bronchitis, CORD, heart disease etc. For those not in the subsidised categories there is a charge of $32.

Drivers’ Licence Medicals

Apr 18 2017
All patients, aged 75 years or more, require a regular full medical check to ensure they are fit to drive a motor vehicle and retain their drivers’ licence. This usually requires a double appointment as it is a comprehensive assessment, with a four page document that needs to be completed by your doctor. The fee range is between $140 and $180. There is no significant government subsidy for this appointment and we are not able to attend to other medical issues at that time. Older patients will require a memory test score at the medical centre and some will require an on road test or simulated driving assessment elsewhere.

Christmas Hours 2016

Dec 12 2016

Christmas Hours
Our hours will be different over the Christmas and summer period. They are as follows:

21st December: 8am – 6pm
22nd December: 8am – 6pm
23rd December: 8am – 5pm
26th December: CLOSED
27th December: CLOSED

28th December: 9am – 4pm
29th December: 9am – 4pm
30th December: 9am – 4pm
2nd January: CLOSED
3rd January: CLOSED
4th – 6th January: 9am – 4pm
From the 9th January: 8am – 6pm.

There will be no evening clinics in January. These will resume in February

28th December 2016 – 6th January 2017
SCL LABS: 24 Moorefield Rd, Johnsonville, Wellington 6037

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